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Dear Friend,

Are you tired of spending your hard-earned money on the next big IM Guru product launch?

Are you tired of getting the same copy and paste promotion email from every list that your are on?

What about the long line of "BS" promises about living the internet lifestyle that the IM Guru's make and then don't deliver?

And then when you pay them your hard earned cash they send you a business plan but won't tell you how to use it and then you discover that you cannot use the plan until you buy the "One Time Offer"...that just sucks!

I know your have grown tired of the false promises and the crappy training packages that just rehash old content......

Well so am I, and to prove it I would like to give you the opportunity to find out the highly guarded secrets of the "Internet Marketing Guru's" but not have to reach into your pocket for hundreds or thousands of dollars. This is because I have been there and done that, for the last several years I have been in the same situation as you. I worked a J.O.B. (just over broke) for the same company for over 20 years and instead of being rewarded for being loyal to them for over 20 years I was demoted and my pay was cut.

That is correct a @$%#^& demotion and a pay cut, and this happened in 2006 when the company I worked for merged with another company that was in the same business. Since then I have not gotten a cost of living raise and the management staff at work was cut by 50 percent from four management employees down to only two management employees. So as you can imagine my workload has doubled, it is very difficult for either of us to even take vacation and working 12 hours a day is not uncommon at all!

So about five years ago I started to try and make a go of it online, I joined all of the Internet Marketing Forums, I bought all of the new WSO's and I also joined my share of membership sites that promised the world for $17 per month. Now I have to be honest I did learn a good bit of the internet marketing knowledge that I have today from spending time in the forums and reading IM blogs.

But I also spent THOUSANDS of dollars over the first few years of working online that did not do me any good, other than to spend a bunch of money for a truckload of crap. And now I find myself in position to help people that are interested in making money online to avoid that pile of crap that I had to deal with and tell you what works and what does not work, what software will help and what software will just cost money and sit on your hard drive collecting digital dust. I will also tell you about the things that I use in my everyday internet business processes.

You will also get all the tips and tricks that I have found out over the last several years that has made the daily processes and procedures that are required to be an online success into a very controllable situation. What saves time, what saves money and where to outsource the tasks that you can to make more time for you!

So sign up for the FREE Internet Marketing Newsletter and find out that what, why, when and how of Internet Marketing! I will not promote anything that I do not use in my daily Online Business arsenal, by that I mean products that I have actually spent money on and make use of on a consistent basis.

P.S. This is a "No Cost" Newsletter where you will find information about internet marketing, traffic generation, social media marketing, reputation marketing, graphic design, search engine optimization (SEO) and product creation. There is will also be product reviews for everything under the sun if it has to do with making money online. In addition there will be product and service recommendations that will have a cost associated with them. Do not buy them if you cannot afford them as they will only make things faster to get done, you can be an online success by using only free stuff. If you can afford them they will be of great help on your internet marketing journey.